Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Winter and New York City Don't Mix

It has been snowing non-stop up here.  Just when it started to melt, THEN WE GET A SNOWSTORM!  Where I live, in Yonkers, we're almost up to a foot.  And there's an icy layer on top.  Two biology classes have been cancelled because of the freaking weather!
Last Wednesday, for instance.  It was kinda nice, staying home, finishing homework and stuff, but Holly got her hands on some fruit flies and we were going to study them.
Anyway, the following day was playwriting class and math class.  Quintin had a fencing class after the math, so PJ, Quintin and I took the subway together at 5 PM.  At 103rd street, Quintin got off, leaving PJ and I together.  AND THEN... The subway totally stopped t 137th street.
No problem, we would get off and take the next one.  Nope.  THAT subway line (the 1 train) was completely down, from the Bronx to Harlem. We had to transfer to the A train, several blocks away, in Harlem, in the 15 degree weather.

Then we finally got to the A train, and informed our parents of the situation.  Jeff, PJ's dad, was willing to pick us up from the end of the A line, which was convenient, because we live 5 minutes away from each other.
I must say, PJ was a very pleasant traveling companion.  We were discussing things like what the opposite of pants are, and what we would do with clones.  I was intrigued by the idea of a sheet of anti-matter.
Then Jeff picked us up, and he drove me home.

I cannot wait for spring.  I have allergies, but at this point, I don't even care.  I'm tired of being cold.
Thankfully, I'm going to Texas next week, and it'll be at least 30 degrees warmer!  I remember the other day on facebook, my uncle posted a picture of a restaurant with a sign that said, "I miss hating the summer heat".  There were plants growing in that picture, and no snow.
Y'know, I never got the point of groundhog day.  It's a rodent.  If it sees it's shadow, we have more winter...? Or we don't?  I never remember.  How the heck did we get that tradition?


You may think that winter in New York City is fun and pretty.  The lights might be sparklier, and there may be free ice skating, but snow screws the subway system up.  Then the snow melts partially and mixes with the filth in the streets, creating gross gray snow in the curb.  And even grosser is stepping in yellow snow.  And the cold is miserable, making your face so frozen your jaw is barely usable.  I apologize for the "rant" post, but I cannot wait for spring.